Jungle Fowl

You will never find this bird in narrow domestic cage,
Only in wood and on hill does it roam;
If bill were mouth, it’d tell you to follow its good example;
You probably should; nothing like fences out there-
No doubt, in the mind and sinewy legs.
In grove on lea, rolling ups and tumbling downs
It attempts; stumbling first but persisting
In its scratching at gravel for worms:
Striking foot unravels messages from a past:
That under light grass, with little toil put in,
Under dirt soil, is absolution.

Only We Have That Right

Don’t you dare touch our women, only we have that right;
Only we shall grope, punch and suck them
Like the sweets we get from a store;
Only we shall be their masters like the gold we lock away in our almirahs,
Or the chloropsis we keep in bamboo cages;
Only we shall deliberate on the future of the Race
And augur meaning from empty placentas.
In every tribal womb must be sown tribal seed-
We want our boys to aim their spikes at our girls-
Don’t listen to their pleas, defend; defend them from themselves.
If they fall in love with an outsider or want to marry a non tribal
You have every right to kill them, because it’s unclean and sinful.
Don’t wait till he rapes her, you never know with these types, kill for our honour,
Take the law away and set it right.