Another Damn God Poem

We who kill because we have seen the face of God, who claim a name for God, who dress up for God, walk and talk for God, get angry for God, retribute for God, make photos, shells to house God, study for God, defend God.

-My God: no one else can have you-

Tell me, are you my God or theirs? Cause if you’re mine, you’re not theirs and if you’re theirs, you’re definitely, not mine!
I love you and I need to hold you and possess you cause you’re mine mine, all mine!
No one can have you, no FUCKING one, can have you!
You’re my god !

Spend our whole life trying to be God, sorry, like God. Praising all the great and good our God has brought into this world. We don’t see the pain cause that wasn’t because of our God, must be some other god that did that. It could have been a Lucifer, Ravana, Thlen, could have been a faggot god, an anti national god, a chinky god yeah must be one of those fuckers.

But those arseholes are always there and their God is not great and mighty like ours. Our god has ten arms, can see through girls’ panties, fart radioactive shit out of his ass, suns are his boogers. Blah blah blah amen blah blah

We have not betrayed our God
We stand and murder for him
We celebrate him with bloodshed
We torture for our faith
We understand him better through screams

We love you-
Jesus God,
Muhammad God,
Rama God,
Buddha God-
All that we do, we do with love.