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Hawkers of the World Unite

In light of all this hatred, directed towards the hawkers and other people of the street, I want to stand up and cheer for them. Because they provide me with tasty egg rolls and chana, they are always quick in their service and mostly friendly to their customers, no matter if they be drunk or not. To them I want to say a big THANK YOU!

They didn’t go to a hospitality management school or learn etiquette at high prices but seem to have buckets of both (along with one exclusively for onions). Those people who wish to see them removed seem to lack any human aesthetic and no poetry, they only like the sleek, polished new exteriors which cost a lot of money to install and upkeep. When spaces are created without thinking about such people, these people will make use of the spaces created as best they can, and that is their Beauty: their ability to adapt to change.

First, they are hated because they are low caste and, don’t believe in the lies, even in our society caste discrimination does go on. Most of them would live in areas which traditionally housed the servants of the powerful, from the old days moving into the new age of tyranny.

They are hated because they belong to a class that is poor. These people are always working in order to make some money so they have no time to try out L’Oreal or reek of foreign perfumes. They probably have a pair of clothes which they can wash only once a week when they are not working.

They are hated because they dirty the market scenario. In fact, markets are usually dirtied more by the bigger stores whose refuse might even include chemical discharges and always large quantities of plastic wrapping etc. Hawkers normally have garbage which is biodegradable.

Finally, they are hated most often because most of them are dkhar. But worse, because they are poor dkhar. No one talks about the ones who come in jets to set up a mining firm in our Pnar regions, nor the ones who run away with years of subsidies from Byrnihat.

These hawkers are workers who have no time to conform to one person or one government’s pronouncements, you may ram them out of the way but yet again they emerge from that noise and rubble, alu chop in hand. You can try to disregard them from the process of planning for progress but it will never be a success unless you involve them in it.
Their strong minds and strong backs deserve applause <claps>



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